Recycling ideas for garage storage and organization

Creative recycling ideas and clever designs help prevent your hardware from rusting and offer efficient and eco friendly garage storage solutions. The little things make a huge modification, adding more place to your garage or basement workshop. Cheap ideas for hardware depot save your money while helping to protect the world by incorporating recycling and eco-friendly designs into your place.

These creative recycling ideas show how to make fantastic containers for all your screws, nuts, bolts and other pieces of hardware that get stuck in a drawer somewhere never to be found again. The collection of clever green designs might encourage you to recycle useless items for effective and eco friendly storage, and store hardware so you can quickly find what you need.

Recycling muffin tins for small parts storage is a perfect idea. Muffin tins make wonderful containers for holding small fasteners and electrical parts. Recycling metal boxes from cookies and candies is a cheap alternative for garage storage and organization. Steel boxes and cans with plastic covers keep parts from rusting. For rust-free storage of expensive hardware you can use steel boxes.

garage ideas storage

garage ideas storage